I spend my time doing a variety of disciplines. I believe that it is important to lead a diverse life, and to explore all of your interests, no matter how cohesive they may be. Curation is for museums, not interests.

During the day, I am the Executive Director at The Geek Group National Science Institute. This allows me to pursue empowering others on their dreams, no matter what they are. It provides me the chance to use my extensive training in science and manufacturing, and build community relations on a daily basis.

I believe creativity is good for the soul, and I spend an extensive amount of time pursuing creative interests. Painting has been an interest of mine my entire life, and photography nearly as long. I travel whenever I have the chance, and use it as opportunity for photography and illustration. Sometimes I will travel specifically for creative pursuits, sometimes I will carve out time for it amongst other duties.

I do all of this work in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Works Available

I have my gallery and shop split up by theme. If you would like a certain piece in a different size, or in another custom manner, please fill out a contact form and we will arrange something that works for you.

I have paintings available both as the original artwork, and prints.

Some of the works available are framed, and some are not. All are signed and dated. If it is a photograph or print, it is printed on museum-quality, archival paper. Original paintings will have the paper described, although I only use museum-grade materials and paints.




Grand Rapids, MI


+1 616 466 4335